Prescription Refills


We take pride in providing the highest standard of care to our patients and provide services such as prescription refill calls for patients at no charge as an extension of being under our care. We do prefer that you coordinate your prescription refills during your office visits. However, we are available to authorize appropriate prescription refills by contacting the office. We prefer that you contact us a few days before your prescription is needed. Refills may also be handled by contacting your local pharmacy, who in turn will contact us to refill the request. Please know that some refills require being seen by a physician prior to authorization and will not be able to be refilled without a visit to our office. Dependent upon the prescription and physician discretion, refills are not appropriate if you have not been seen by the physician in 30 to 120 days.

Local Pharmacy Prescriptions

Phone Refills

For local pharmacy refills, please make sure your message includes:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Your medicine dosage and frequency
  • Your telephone number
  • The telephone number for your pharmacy

Online Refills

This feature will be available in the future.

Mail Order Prescriptions

Many of our patients participate with mail order prescription plans. We are happy to work with these plans on behalf of our patients. However, we have implemented the following policies to ensure that our staff's time away from patient care is minimal.

New Prescriptions at the Time of an Office Visit

Your physician will give you written prescriptions to mail to your plan. If your physician determines that you need to start the medication immediately, she/he will provide you with a second 14-day prescription to take to a local pharmacy.

New Prescriptions by Phone

There may be times that your physician prescribes something new for you over the phone. Any medication needed immediately will be called to a local pharmacy. Long-term prescriptions or any prescriptions not needed immediately will be mailed to you to mail to your plan.

Refill Mail-Order Prescriptions

Please plan at least two weeks in advance. You may send us a note with the medication refills you need and a self-addressed stamped envelope, and we will mail the prescriptions back to you. You may also call our office and let us know you need a new written prescription to send to your mail order plan. (Prescriptions may also be picked up in person at our facility.) If you are out of medication, we will call in a 14-day supply to a local pharmacy if the physician determines that you need the medication immediately. In this case, you may pay additional out-of-pocket expenses to use the local pharmacy to get this 14-day supply, so it is best to plan ahead.