No one enjoys getting a shot. But did you realize that by avoiding those few seconds of discomfort, you could be putting your life—and the lives of others—at risk? That’s exactly what happens when you choose to forego your annual flu shot. At Riverview Medical Center, our urgent care practitioners want people throughout the Rock Hill and Charlotte areas to understand the importance of getting vaccinated. Here are three reasons why you should get a flu shot.

  1. The flu can be deadly. When most of us think about the effects of the flu, we imagine having to stay in bed for a few days. Maybe you miss a few days of work or your kids have to stay home from school. Unfortunately, the flu can be much more serious. It can even lead to death. People with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, the elderly, and infants are especially vulnerable.
  2. The flu shot can help you recover faster. It’s true that the flu vaccine won’t keep everyone from getting sick. For example, the strain of the flu that you’re exposed to may not be included in this year’s formula. However, people who are vaccinated tend to experience less severe symptoms and tend to recover faster.
  3. Vaccinating yourself and your family keeps everyone safer. If everyone got a flu shot, the number of people who contract the influenza virus would be greatly reduced. Fewer sick people means fewer opportunities for the illness to spread.

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, don’t delay; now is the time to take action for maximum effectiveness. Come to Riverview Medical Center’s urgent care for fast service without an appointment. Our Rock Hill, SC clinic is open every day for your convenience.