You already know you can take steps around your home to reduce your seasonal allergy symptoms. But did you know that your car can either help or hurt your allergies, too? Here are three things you can do according to the primary care physicians near you at Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill, SC:

  1. Wash your car. There’s nothing quite like discovering your car was covered in pollen while you slept. While we tend to think about the way this makes our vehicles look, this coating of pollen can also make your allergy symptoms worse. Wash your car regularly so you won’t have to touch the pollen or breathe it in as you enter and exit your vehicle.
  2. Keep the inside of your car clean. Just like your home, the inside of your car needs to be cleaned during the spring allergy season. Wipe down surfaces and vacuum your seats and floor mats. This will limit your exposure to the pollen that’s been tracked into your car.
  3. Change your cabin air filter. Do you know when your cabin air filter was last replaced? Many people skip this bit of maintenance when they take their car to the shop. However, it’s one of your best defenses against pollen and other allergens. A new filter will catch a much higher concentration of pollen, keeping it out of your car.

If your springtime allergies are making you miserable, don’t suffer any longer! The primary care physicians near you at Riverview Medical Center can help you get your symptoms under control. Call for an appointment or visit our urgent care in Rock Hill, SC today.