We all know that our knees are more prone to problems as we age. Arthritis and worn joints are two things older folks often have to deal with. But knee problems can happen at any age. If your knees crack or make other noises, should you worry? Here’s some advice from the primary care doctors at Riverview Medical Center.

  • Do you feel pain in your knee? Is it swollen? If so, consider visiting a primary care physician. If not, you’re just experiencing the body’s natural processes. It may be that the cartilage is wearing but it could also mean there’s a change in the pressure in the joint.
  • If your knees crack, are you more likely to get arthritis? As a child, you probably remember hearing not to crack your knuckles or other joints. However, there are no medical studies that back up this theory. However, you should still monitor your knee to make sure it doesn’t become painful or start to swell.
  • If your knee does hurt, how can it be treated? Start by getting off your feet, elevating your leg, and putting an ice pack on your knee. If the pain is severe or doesn’t improve, it’s time to visit the doctor.

If you’re experiencing knee pain or another concern, visit the primary care practice at Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill, SC. We’ll help you find the cause of your knee problems so you can get up and moving again.