Vaccinations are something most people associate with young children. Infants and kids have to stay up-to-date on their shots in order to build immunity against serious, life-threatening diseases. These vaccines are typically administered a handful of times over the course of childhood and adolescence. But the flu shot is different. In order to fight influenza, you’ll need to get vaccinated every year. Why is this the case—and why is it important? The urgent care team at Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill and Charlotte has the answers.

Why is a yearly flu shot necessary?

Yes. Flu shots are different from other types of vaccines in that they are formulated differently each year. Scientists research flu outbreaks all over the world and predict which strains will be most common in a given year. These strains go into the vaccine for that particular flu season. Since the dominant strains vary from one year to the next, so will the makeup of the vaccine itself. Flu shots also lose their effectiveness quicker than other types of vaccines. Getting the shot once will only provide protection for that particular flu season.

I don’t get the vaccine and I don’t get sick. Why should I start?

There are a variety of reasons for why some people don’t get the flu. However, research has proven time and time again that vaccines are the single best way to avoid contracting the virus. You never know when the flu can strike—and if you’ve never had it before, it can pack quite a punch. If you do catch influenza, the flu shot can also reduce the duration of your illness and the severity of your symptoms.

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