Every medical professional works to keep families healthy. This is certainly the case for each primary care provider at Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill, SC. We always work with our patients to make sure they’re practicing good habits like healthy eating and regular exercise. But this responsibility doesn’t rest solely with doctors. Everyone can take steps to a healthier life. When this happens, communities benefit—and now there’s a study to back it up.

Last year, researchers released findings from communities that decided to promote healthier foods, reduced sugar intake, more sleep, more exercise, and less time in front of electronic devices. When children from these communities were compared to kids from areas without such initiatives, there were clear differences. Children in the communities that promoted healthier living had a two to three percent lower obesity rate.

While the study was small, it provides lessons for us all. When we work together to promote health, good things happen. That’s why Riverview Medical Center is so involved in the communities we serve. We want people in the Rock Hill and Charlotte area to know we’re here for their primary care and urgent care needs. If you’re ready to make positive changes in your lifestyle, make an appointment with a primary care provider today.