If you’ve paid any attention to the news in recent years (not to mention your doctor’s advice), you know how important the flu vaccine is. However, many people still choose to avoid getting a flu shot. Each person may have different reasons for making this choice. One reason involves cost. Do you have to pay out-of-pocket for this vaccination? Will your insurance cover the flu shot? The urgent care doctors at Riverview Medical Center have the information you need to make your decision.

Will Insurance Pay for the Flu Shot?

While there are always exceptions, most people can get insurance to cover the cost of their vaccination. That’s because most insurance plans will cover 100% of the cost of the flu shot. Insurance companies know how important this vaccine is to your overall health and the health of others. By eliminating the cost of the shot, including the co-pay, they hope you’ll get vaccinated against influenza.

Of course, every insurance plan is different. Call your health insurance provider to verify that your plan covers the entire cost.

This Sounds Too Simple. Do I Have to Make an Appointment?

There’s no catch, at least when you come to Riverview Medical Center. Our urgent care clinics accept walk-in patients for the flu shot. You don’t have to make an appointment and you won’t have to have any additional exam. All you’ll have to do is fill out some paperwork and roll up your sleeve!

Trust the staff of Riverview Medical Center’s urgent care clinics in Rock Hill and Charlotte for your flu shot. We’ll make your visit as easy and painless as possible!