Warmer weather brings a whole new world of opportunities for fun, especially for kids. But along with that fun comes the chance for injuries to occur. Playground injuries are one of the most common reasons parents bring their children to our urgent care near Charlotte, NC. The medical staff at Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill, SC and Arrowood Medical Center in Charlotte, NC have three simple steps that will help keep your kids safe this summer.

  1. Look over the area. Make sure the playground equipment is in good condition before your kids climb on. Walk around the property, especially around trash cans, to make sure there isn’t any broken glass.
  2. Help your kids make good choices. Children are naturally adventurous. They’ll be willing to try out everything on the playground, even if it’s meant for kids much older than them. Smaller children (and their parents) may be happier at a playground that’s built specifically for preschoolers.
  3. Watch your children carefully. Keeping a close eye on your kids will help prevent injuries. Knowing when your child is at a greater risk for falling or tripping could save you a trip to the urgent care.

No matter how careful you or your kids are, not every accident can be avoided. If your child is hurt on the playground or during other summer activities, we’re here to help. Visit Arrowood Medical Center in Charlotte, NC for urgent care during normal business hours Monday through Saturday. For urgent care at any time of the day or night, come to Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill, SC.