Opioid medications are in the news a lot these days. If you’ve heard the stories, it’s only natural to feel a little apprehensive when one is prescribed to you. What should you know before you begin taking this medication? The primary care providers near you at Riverview Medical Center have four things you should always find out before you leave the doctor’s office.

  1. Why the medication is being prescribed. This question should be one you ask whenever you’re handed a prescription. If the doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant doesn’t explain what condition the drug is designed to treat, find out.
  2. Whether there are any other options. If you’re concerned about the potential issues that come along with opioid medications, tell the medical professional who’s treating you. They’ll listen to you and determine if other drugs could treat the condition just as well. If the opioid is the best treatment for you, they’ll explain why.
  3. If you’re at risk. People with a history of addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances (even cigarettes) may be at a higher risk for opioid dependency. Mark these items on your patient forms and discuss them with your doctor.
  4. How to take the medication. All medicines (even those that are over-the-counter) should be taken according to the directions you’re provided. This is especially true with opioids. Follow all dosage instructions to the letter. If you have any questions after your appointment, call back to your primary care provider’s office.

Here at Riverview Medical Center, our primary care providers always take the time to talk to patients about any prescription medication. It’s just one reason why families in the Rock Hill, SC area have trusted us for over 30 years. Make an appointment today.